All of Us Are Dead on Netflix: Everything to know about the zombie hit


All of Us Are Dead is currently the No. 1 show on Netflix.

Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

You might have noticed another show from South Korea sitting in the No. 1 most-viewed spot on Netflix. All of Us Are Dead, aka the next Squid Game, is a coming-of-age story set in a high school. A high school overrun by a zombie virus outbreak.

All of Us Are Dead hasn’t quite racked up Squid Game’s planet-conquering viewing numbers, but it currently claims Netflix’s No. 5 spot for most-popular non-English language show ever.

Below you’ll find all the basics about the show, including what it’s about and why you might want to give it a go.

What’s All of Us Are Dead about?

All of Us Are Dead is a clever and effective zombie survival story. Set in a high school in South Korea, it follows a group of students who become trapped after the outbreak of a zombie virus. These students use everything at hand to protect themselves and survive. Some of the characters include Nam On-jo (Park Ji-hu), whose dad is a firefighter and taught her useful survival skills; Lee Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young), On-jo’s childhood friend who has a thing for her; and Choi Nam-ra (Cho Yi-yun), the class president.

The best part about All of Us Are Dead

The best part about All of Us Are Dead is that it’s a thrilling zombie drama, but it’s also about the lives of high schoolers. Their drama is equal to, if not bigger than, the apocalypse taking place around them. It makes the show fresh, helps it stand out from the slew of other zombie shows out there. The zombie virus outbreak could also be seen as a Covid metaphor (not in an off-putting way).

A bloodied zombie leans menacingly over a high-school student in a uniform.

All of Us Are Dead racked up the most viewing on Netflix in a single week since global phenom Squid Game.


How many episodes?

Squid Game is nine episodes. All of Us Are Dead? It’s 12 episodes. That’s a lot, and most episodes run around the hour-mark or longer. If you found Squid Game long, All of Us Are Dead might become a little exhausting. That being said, what Netflix show isn’t bloated these days?

What should I watch next?

South Korea is the best at telling stories about the undead. Next, you should watch Hellbound, then Train to Busan. Add Squid Game to the list if somehow you haven’t watched it yet.

Will there be a season 2?

No official word at this point, but don’t worry just yet. Squid Game’s season 2 announcement came four months after the show’s release. Plus, All of Us Are Dead has topped daily Netflix charts in multiple countries, including the US, since Jan. 29. There’s no killing it just yet.

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