14 best eyebrow makeup products for full brows, per experts

“Brows bring balance to the face and eyes,” said Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics global brow expert — and The Post couldn’t agree more. That’s why having the ideal brow products for your hair color, brow shape, eye shadow and desired look is pivotal.

But with so many options on the market — pomades, waxes, pencils and pens — it can be difficult to know where to begin.

In an effort to help you find the best brow product, we spoke with two experts: Bailey and National Artist for Sephora, Helen Phillips Dagdag.

Together, they shared expert tips — like what to look for in a brow product and how to use trendy brow products, such as the soap brow. In addition, they both shared their holy grail brow products.

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What should I look for when choosing an eyebrow shade?

“You want to select a shade that mirrors your hair’s undertone (warm, cool or neutral),” Bailey explained. “If you have color treated hair, or naturally have warm and cool tones, neutral tones are going to work best.”

Bailey further suggests selecting a shade that “mirrors the depth of your hair.” In simple terms, this means choosing a shade of blonde, brown, black, red or grey. Though, Bailey explained the depth of color doesn’t have to match your hair exactly, as “everyone’s hair, brows included, have natural low lights and highlights.”

If you’re selecting a brow product in person, Dagdag suggests drawing lines on the back of your fingers and holding them up to your brow. If you’re deciding between two shades, she recommends going with the cooler tone to start.

How can I achieve popular brow trends?

Bailey and Dagdag both agree that beauty lovers are ditching sharp, bold brows for soft, fluffy brows, which is all thanks to the brow lamination and soap brow trend.

“With the current trend of brow lamination and fuller, fluffier looking brows,” shared Bailey, “more and more people are gravitating towards microliners,” which are thin pencil products.

If you’re not interested in filling in your brows stroke by stroke, Helena suggests using a tinted hard gel or wax to achieve the same fluffy look.

“Apply the [product] first by brushing the brow hairs up and out and then going back in with a pencil to fill in any sparse areas,” Helena shared.

Best Brow Pencils

Brow pencils exist for two things: one, to mimic brow hairs and fill in sparse areas or to provide soft, easy coverage.

1. Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil, $14

Image of silver brow pencil

Bailey called this Benefit brow product “the love of [his] browlife.”

“The balance of pigment, firmness and pliability inside this formula makes it any artists’ wet dream,” Bailey said of the ultra-defining brow pencil that comes in 14 shades.

Expert tip: Bailey suggests leaving space between each pencil stroke to make the flicks of color look like real hair.

2. Sephora Collection Retractable Brow Pencil, $12

Image of brown brow pencil

“The Retractable Brow Pencil comes in 12 shades, so you’re sure to find a good match, and it’s waterproof so it will last throughout the day,” Dagdag shared. The fine tip also helps to mimic the natural look of hair, making it perfect for real-looking brows.

Choose from 12 various long-wearing colors that all offer medium coverage and are made with clean ingredients.

3. Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel, $22

Image of pink brow pencil

Bailey mentioned that thicker brow pencils, such as this Rare Beauty pencil, often have a creamier formula.

“These styles of pencils are great for simple washes of color through the brow,” said Bailey. “They’re very user friendly and add a simple illusion of fullness and density to the hair without ‘experience required’ so-to-speak.”

The Rare Beauty Brow Harmony Pencil & Gel certainly adheres to Bailey’s findings, as it features a chunky pencil tip, a buildable formula and an additional tinted brow gel.

Best Brow Pens

Brow pens may seem similar to brow pencils in theory, though they are starkly different. The major difference is brow pens provide the same rich color payoff with either a little or a lot of pressure.

1. Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen, $9.99

Image of black brow marker

The Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen creates hair-like strokes to achieve natural-looking brows. According to Bailey, the product also features a multi-pronged tip which helps create “uniformity and structure.”

You can also look forward to 24 hours of smudge-proof wear.

2. Benefit Cosmetics Brow Microfilling Pen, $25

Image of brow marker

If you’re worried about a brow pen appearing too bold against your skin, Bailey suggests opting for Benefit’s Brow Microfilling Pen.

“The formula in Brow Microfilling pen has a level of opacity to it that allows you to slightly see through the formula so the color is never jarring or too obvious,” the brow expert shared.

Beyond the product’s intentional opacity, the three prongs are also designed to assist in the natural look of brows.

Best Brow Powders

While gels are meant to sit on the brow hairs themselves, powders were created to sit behind the hair. Therefore, powders are typically best for individuals with finer brow hair that want more definition.

Though, if you have oily skin, Dagdag suggests opting for something more long-wearing like a pencil, as powders “tend not to last as long as other formulas.”

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Ombre Effect Long Wearing Brow Powder Duo, $23

Image of brow powder tin

Available in 11 various color options, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo was made to create a soft brow.

“Each product offers you two shade options for filling in your brows to ensure the perfect brow color,” shared Dagdag. “I always use the darker shade at the tail of the brow.”

2. Ulta Brow Powder Duo, $10

Image of brow powder duo

The Ulta Brow Powder Duo is a similar product to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo but at a less expensive price point.

Bailey suggests applying powders, such as this one, with a “small hard angled brush so you can ruffle the product under the hair and straight onto the skin.” By doing so, you will be able to prevent excess product fallout.

Best Brow Gels

Bailey described brow gel as the “the little black dresses of brow products” since there are so many options “and anyone with brow hair can use one.”

There are two main gel categories: fiber brow gels and clear brow gels.

“Fiber gels typically give a light to medium hold on the hair’s overall styling, however, the microfibers inside the formula give your brow instant volume, which is the easiest way to get a thicker, more lush looking brow,” Bailey shared.

On the flip side, Bailey explained that “clear setting gels are very popular for people with more coarse or dense brow hairs.” The formulas typically have a medium to strong hold and “can act as a top coat for your brows.”

1. Glossier Boy Brow, $16

Image of fiber brow gel

Bailey explains adding a fiber gel on top of other brow products “adds major volume” and gives “instant dimension.”

The Glossier Boy Brow does just that as it features a thickening formula that shapes and grooms brows into place.

2. Benefit Cosmetics 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel, $24

Image of clear brow gel in silver case

“24-Hour Brow Setter is something I use every day… on myself and literally every one of my clients,” said Bailey.

“Even if you’re not using it to lock your products on, it’s a great product to comb through the brows to create separation and organize your brow hair,” he continued.

The product also includes a custom-molded dual-sized wand perfect for any and all brows.

3. Maybelline Tattoo Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Gel, $12.99

Image of black tube of brow gel

Another top performing brow gel is Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow product. Products such as this one “are great if you have brow hair that you want to tame or add volume to,” Dagdag explains.

It retails for only $12.99 while delivering a gel formula that lasts up to two days.

Best Brow Pomades

While pomades were once reserved for the pros, they are “cycling back more and more into popularity for the everyday brow user,” Bailey shared.

Bailey continued to explain that these formulas are highly pigmented which help create contrast between the brow and the skin.

Dagdag suggests opting for a creamy, pomade formula if you live in humid weather, have oily skin or want a defined brow, as they tend to have long-wear features.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Brow Pomade, $21

Image of dark brown brow pomade

A favorite in the beauty community is this smudge-proof pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills that comes in 11 different color options.

“[It] gives you super clean and defined brows, and is waterproof, so it lasts all day,” shared Dagdag.

2. Frameworker Brow Pomade Pie, $19

Image of rose gold eyebrow tin

The Tarte brow pomade doesn’t only define and fill in your brows, but it is also made with clean ingredients such as babassu, amazonian clay and mineral pigment. Together, they condition your brow hair and soften the skin.

This product also minimizes oil production around the hair follicle, which is perfect for adherence to Dagdag’s point of using a pomade for oily skin.

Best Brow Waxes

Waxes may often be confused with pomades, though there is a key difference: waxes and gels help redirect brow hairs, which is perfect for achieving the soap brow trend.

“Brow wax is great if you have brow hair that you want to tame or add some volume to,” Dagdag explained. “You can use them alone or with a pencil to get a full, fluffy look.”

While waxes provide lift and shape, they can be tricky to use. Bailey suggests using them with a spoolie brush. “Simply drag [the brush] through the formula, then brush it through the brows in the direction you want it to be styled,” the brow king shared.

Expert note: that waxes typically don’t dry all the way down. To combat this, pair the product with a powder.

1. Anastasia Brow Freeze Styling Wax, $23

Image of clear brow gel

If you’re on the hunt for an extreme hold, this is it.

The styling wax literally “freezes” your brow hairs into place while lasting all dang day. But Bailey explains that waxes, such as this one, will provide you that grip without the stiffness of a gel.

2. Patrick Ta Major Brow Shaping Wax, $22

Image of dark brown brow pomade

Brow waxes can also come in tinted shades, such as the Patrick Ta Brow Shaping Wax.

Dagdag recommended this product as a great alternative to a hard gel, especially if you are looking for a further look. “It has a slight tint but will really hold those brows in place.”

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