Peacemaker Goes Full Captain America in Season Finale Teaser

A teaser trailer for the Season 1 finale of the HBO Max’s Peacemaker sees John Cena’s titular antihero pick up a shield for the first time.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for PeacemakerSeason 1, Episode 7, “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” available now on HBO Max.

In a teaser trailer for the Season 1 finale of HBO Max’s PeacemakerJohn Cena’s titular antihero takes up a shield for the first time as he and the other ARGUS agents head into battle.

The promo for Peacemaker Season 1, Episode 8, “It’s Cow or Never,” not only shows Christopher Smith/Peacemaker holding a shield (which is emblazoned with a dove of peace, of course), but offers another glimpse at the “cow” introduced in Episode 7 , “Stop Dragon My Heart Around,” which serves as the only source of food for the Butterflies.

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Details surrounding Peacemaker‘s eighth episode have been kept tightly under wraps, with series creator James Gunn only showing seven out of eight episodes to critics before the series premiere. According to Gunn, this was to avoid any potential spoilers.

“I wouldn’t let them put out eight,” Gunn said in a previous interview. “They wanted to put out all eight. I said, ‘No way. No chance in hell are we putting out all eight.’ There’s just too many things [that] happen in episode eight that I just could not let it get out there. It would absolutely be spoiled. You know, I wouldn’t even let them give it to one place or anything like that because it just wasn’t… I didn’t want it to be out there.”

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However, Peacemaker star Chukwudi Iwuji, who portrays ARGUS team leader Clemson Murn, said that fans can expect a tear-inducing finale for the HBO Max original series. “Honestly, in these last episodes you get a sense of who these characters could be, given time; you get a sense of how they’ve grown, and surprisingly so since there’s been so much hilarity; there a lot of smiling; and I do genuinely think there will be the flutter of the old tear duct,” Iwuji said.

Gunn has previously stated that DC Films and HBO Max let him go “hog wild” for the series, giving him plenty of freedom in this addition to the DC Extended Universe. When Peacemaker was first announced, Gunn called the series “an opportunity to delve into current world issues through the lens of this superhero/supervillain/and world’s biggest douchebag.” The series creator addressed the possibility of multiple seasons in 2021 before Peacemaker officially premiered, though nothing was confirmed. However, Gunn recently stated that “there’s a really good chance” that the series could be renewed for a second season, though this has not been officially announced by HBO Max.

The season finale of Peacemaker tunes on Feb. 20 on HBO Max.

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