OnePlus is confusingly talking about OxygenOS 13

But are you merging your skins or not guys

The road towards OnePlus and Oppo’s unified operating system has been a rocky one so far. After the former company was basically relegated to a sub-brand of the latter, OnePlus users who were worried about the fate of OxygenOS were told that it would be merging with ColorOS, with the resulting unified OS coming in a future flagship. Recent rumors suggest that this new platform be landing with Android 13 later this year, presumably taking the place of the OxygenOS 13 we’d otherwise expect. But now OnePlus is holding an online event to speak with users about… OxygenOS 13?

A new Open Ears Forum — the first one this year — will be held to hear users’ opinions on its upcoming software (spotted by XDA). It’s actually a curious event, if you think about it — Open Ears events are typically held to talk specific things like new features in upcoming updates, but not to discuss the update itself. OnePlus might actually be looking to hear what people have to say about the direction its software is going in order to get a better idea of ​​how to approach the update that follows OxygenOS 12, whether that’s a continuation of its current platform or the new unified OS . The forum announcement is even open about it — it’s inviting you to “co-create a perfect OxygenOS.”


As a refresher, the OnePlus Nord 2 launched with a flavor of OxygenOS 11 that borrowed some elements of ColorOS, while the update to Android 12 is extending that to older devices. This year’s OnePlus 10 Pro was supposed to launch with the unified OS, rumored to be called H₂OOS, but it’s running ColorOS 12.1 in China and all signs are pointing to it launching with OxygenOS 12 globally.

We’re going to have to wait and see in a few months, but right now, the software strategy over at OnePlus has never looked mudier. If you want to weigh into the conversation, make sure to apply to participate in the Open Ears Forum.

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