Nam Vo’s Winter Skincare Includes LED Light & Cooling Facial Globes

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If you don’t know makeup artist Nam Vo’s name (yet), chances are you’ve heard of her ultra-viral makeup technique. The “queen of glow jobs” is known for the “dewy dumpling” look with highlighted cheekbones and reflective skin that glows. And because glow skin doesn’t have to cost half your paycheck, Vo teamed up with TJMaxx and Marshalls to spill her affordable favorites, her winter skincare routine and how she gets that glow.

Over Zoom, Vo and I first chat about our love for TJMaxx and Marshalls. “Since I was a child, my mom was taking me [there],” she says. “I think it’s fun because it’s like a treasure hunt. You get to discover so many things. When I go, I buy a frying pan, some fuzzy socks, a new facial tool, something for my boo. It just sparks joy.”

She says a lot of people forget how strong the brands are in terms of their beauty departments but we absolutely did not forget. One of her recent favorite finds is the Lumina NRG EMS & LED Facial Toning Therapy ($199.99 at TJMaxx), a portable device that combines LED and micro-current facial toning therapy to treat signs of aging and skin problems like acne.



She’s a big fan of beauty tools and uses cold facial globes to de-puff, just like the Aceology Ace Ice Globes ($22.99 at TJMaxx). “I blow up a lot when I eat salty,” she says. But because you’re not going to skip out on sushi, these cold tools help relieve inflammation, swelling and redness.

If congestion is more your problem than puffiness, Vo recommends giving yourself an at-home facial with a facial steamer. “It helps with blood circulation,” she says. “I have a clogged pore issue, especially on my nose. I feel like once I steam, then I put on my pore-cleaning mask and peels, it just works a lot better.” She likes the Ahava Mud Clarifying Mask ($9.99 at TJMaxx).

Because my skin is feeling especially dull this winter, I ask Vo how to get her signature glow. She goes back to that LED red light therapy. (OK, I need it.) “It’s relaxing. It’s good for your mental health. It’s good for cell renewal,” she says. But when it comes to makeup, she stresses the importance of the right concealer, more so than foundation.

“I use a different concealer underneath my eyes versus what I would use for a brown spot or a blemish,” she explains. “I like [spot concealing] rather than slapping on foundation because not everybody needs foundation from forehead to chin. I think it’s beautiful to show natural skin texture and just fine-tune and cover what you need.” Especially when we’re still wearing face masks, Vo likes to avoid any makeup that could cause more congestion. “I’d rather look like I have a couple of flaws than to look like I have a pancake on my face,” she adds.

You prefer to skip “gimmicky” makeup trends, too. But she does tell me about the power of a dramatic lower lash. “I only have four eyelashes so I like to use individual [false eyelashes] and just the way you place them. It could make your eyes look more stargaze, more doll-like. I think lashes, in general, are just major but now I think we’re forgetting the power of the bottom lash.”

Chatting with Vo, I learn 2022 beauty trends are officially about healthy skin, less foundation, a dewy highlight, tons of blush and maybe even a tinted lip balm. Even during the laziest days working from home, that I can do.

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