Power Rangers Dino Fury Sets Season 2 Premiere Date, Debuts New Opening Theme

The second season of Power Rangers Dino Fury has finally been confirmed with the debut of a brand new theme song.

Power Rangers Dino Fury is officially headed back to Netflix for its second season, along with a brand new theme song.

As reported by Screen Rant, Season 2 of Power Rangers Dino Fury will premiere exclusively on Netflix on March 3 in the United States and on Teletoon on March 5 in Canada. The series will bring back heroes and villains from the first season alongside new Zords capable of combining to create never-before-seen Megazords. Though the first half of the second season will debut relatively early in 2022, the rest of the season is slated for a later release. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait that long for the latest iteration of the Power Rangers’ theme song featured below.

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Season 2 of Power Rangers Dino Fury will bring back the original Season 1 lineup of Zayto (Red Ranger), Ollie (Blue Ranger), Izzy (Green Ranger), Javi (Black Ranger), Amelia (Pink Ranger), along with the team’s latest recruit Aiyon as the team’s sixth member and Gold Ranger. The upcoming season will also outfit the heroes with new vehicles such as the T-rex-inspired Dino Fury Cycle.

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The second season of Power Rangers Dino Fury is set to pick up where the first season left off. After being charged with prehistoric powers to face off against an alien army, the Dino Fury Rangers will continue their battles against the forces of evil while also diving deeper into their own histories and relationships. Just as Red and Gold Rangers Zayto and Aiyon are poised to learn more about their home planet Rafkon, the entire team will be making exciting discoveries of their own, including the introduction of new Dino Boost Keys.

Produced by eOne and Hasbro, the Power Rangers have been staples of pop culture ever since they first appeared in 1993 with the debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Since then, the franchise has spun off into multiple film and comic book adaptations, with the second season of Power Rangers Dino Fury marking the 29th season of the series. Season 1 of Power Rangers Dino Fury is currently available on Netflix.

Power Rangers Dino Fury stars Russell Curry as the Red Ranger/Zayto, Kai Moya as the Blue Ranger/Ollie Akana, Hunter Deno as the Pink Ranger/Amelia Jones, Tessa Rao as the Green Ranger/Izzy Garcia, Chance Perez as the Black Ranger/Javi Garcia and Jordan Fite as the Gold Ranger/Aiyon.

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Source: Screen Rant

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