Trade in your ancient Samsung Galaxy phone for a free Galaxy S22 at AT&T

As long as it’s fully functioning

Galaxy S22

Samsung and other outlets are offering some pretty fantastic deals if you’re looking to pre-order any of its new Galaxy S22 devices, but this offer marks the craziest one we’ve seen yet. If you have any — and we mean any — Galaxy S, Note, or Z smartphone gathering dust in a drawer, you can save $800 off your purchase, possibly netting you a completely free S22 just for digging up a device from 2010.

We initially highlighted this deal in our round-up of the best Galaxy S22 deals and trade-in values, but it’s just too good not to reiterate. If you send AT&T “ANY Note, S or Z series phone in ANY condition from ANY year” (caps courtesy of the carrier), you’ll get $800 off towards any Galaxy S22 series smartphone. That means you can get a 128GB Galaxy S22 for free or a juicy discount on either of the more expensive models.


Galaxy S Trade-in S22

AT&T really does mean any Galaxy S or Note device here, going all the way back to the original models released in 2010 and 2011, respectively. If you’ve kept one of those old dinosaurs in a drawer and it’s still capable of turning on, the carrier will gladly take it from you and give you a fiery new flagship in exchange. I should know — I booted up my own Gingerbread-powered OG Galaxy S, and even though it’s unable to render Android Police properly, it’s still capable of getting me a massive discount on one of this year’s best phones.

OG Galaxy S with AP search results

If you don’t have a Samsung phone to hand over, this offer also includes iPhones as old as the iPhone 6 (released in 2014) and Google phones as old as the Pixel 3 (released in 2018 and very recently discontinued). A ton of Galaxy A-series devices, including the A32, A50, A51, A52, A70, A71, and A72, also count for this promotion.

If you’re an AT&T customer looking to pick up any S22 device, this is probably perfect for you. If you’re not, keep in mind, you’ll need to use AT&T’s network for three years — if you cancel service, you’ll have to shell over the total value of the phone. If you’re interested, be quick — as with most things in this world, it’s a limited-time offer.

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