Best mascaras under Rs 800 to volumize your lashes & make your eyes pop

Mascara originated from ancient Egypt where they used blended kohl with crocodile dung, water and honey to create the first mascara and bone and ivory as mascara applicators. As they considered eyes as the windows to the soul, mascara laden lashes were considered to ward off any evil spirits and bad energy. But in today’s world mascara is far from any superstitions and is one of the popular makeup products used to enhance lashes. It darkens, increases length, curls, colors, and thickens the eyelashes. You can also use it on the brows to conceal your greys. Though they come in different formats and formulas, the commonly used one is liquid mascara that comes in a bottle with an applicator. Our curated list of best mascaras under Rs 999 from Amazon is a must-try for every beauty enthusiast who lets their eyes do the talking.

Here are 8 best mascaras for your lashes:

While selecting a mascara there are certain things you should keep in mind. There are several different formulas and types of mascara and you pick the one that most relates to your lifestyle and beauty needs. Black and brown formulas are the most popular mascara colors and there are also clear mascaras that add definition to your lashes and make them look lively.

1. L’Oreal Paris Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a must for every girl who cries often. We bet you don’t want your tears to take away your costly mascara and spoil your makeup. This mascara from L’Oreal promises no clumping, smudging or flaking and is the one you can count on for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries.


Price: Rs 535

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2. Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Clump free lashes are what you should aim for if you are opting for an everyday use waterproof mascara. This one with a mega soft applicator brush, it achieves 9 times the volume without any clumps. It’s also ophthalmologist tested and is suitable for contact lens wearers.


Price: Rs 299

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3. Extreme Length Mascara

The right mascara can perform beauty miracles. Sparsh lashes, light colored or short lashes may cause your worry but with this mascara, you can add depth and length and create the doll-like lashes you’ve dreamed of. Its Smudge-proof formula will stay long for the perfect look.


Price: Rs 120

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4. Lash Twist Mascara

Quick-dry waterproof mascaras are millennial favourites. If you want your makeup done in minutes and not to waste a second drying your mascara laden lashes out, then this is the best mascara you should get your hands on.


Price: Rs 118

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5. Sugar Ultra-thick Mascara

Get sky-high volumizing lashes at one stroke with this innovative lash lengthening mascara that’s perfect for women with short lashes. Its volumizing fibers with clump-free formula paints an ultra black color to your lashes and make your eyes pop.


Price: Rs 799

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6. FAE Beauty Brash 2 in 1 Mascara and Brow Gel

This vegan cruelty-free formula comes with a unique dual-sided wand that coats every lash and brow hair. It darkens the lashes and gives them a thicker appearance making your eyes look gorgeous. It’ll also give you that filled-in brow look.


Price: Rs 637

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7. Matte Blue Mascara

When in doubt wear black and once the doubts are cleared, explore with colours. This matte blue mascara glides evenly, volumizes the lashes and remains intact no matter how much you sweat. It makes your lashes look beautiful, separated and defined with a matte blue finish.


Price: Rs 278

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8. Buildable Blink Mascara

The smudge-proof buildable mascara is indeed one of the best mascaras as it is lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours. It is also water-resistant and keeps you stylish all day long. The Blink it Mascara is free from harmful chemicals and delivers a rich black matte finish in just a few strokes.


Price: Rs 339

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