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Fresh debuts on Hulu on March 4, 2022.

A deliciously demented horror film that doesn’t even begin to let you in on what it’s really about until after its opening credits roll a whopping 30 minutes into its nearly two-hour runtime, Fresh offers a full-course meal that incorporates many genres, but manages to stay grounded and balanced thanks to its two lead performances — including Sebastian Stan, who joins the great pantheon of charismatic yet despicable horror villains.

Fresh starts with hors d’oeuvres, presenting Daisy Edgar-Jones’ Noa as she navigates the brutal, ruthless world of modern online dating, and the parade of terrible guys she meets. Just as hope seems lost, the appetizer arrives in the form of Stan’s Steve, who is by all accounts the perfect guy — funny, smart, caring, and also a doctor with the looks of, well, Sebastian Stan. Director Mimi Cave delays the inevitable reveal of Steve’s true intentions as long as possible while exploring every rom-com trick in the book, from the meet-cute at the supermarket while discussing the merits of cotton candy grapes to talking about their families over a nice dinner. Cave manages to make the coupling of Noa and Steve believable, showing why she would fall head over heels for this guy and ignore all the obvious red flags.

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