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Beauty holds a different technique to each one of us. While few believe in cleansing of the inner soul as true beauty, most of us still are attached to our makeup products and skincare essentials that are cathartic in action. Either way, beauty is doing what you do with full confidence and if it means adding colors to your lips and cheeks, why not! In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of luxury makeup brands. High-end brands that cost a significant amount more than value and prestige products fall into a category known as luxury. The cosmetics sold are made from premium ingredients and come in much more luxury packaging. Luxury is an experience, it’s not only about the quality of these premium products but also the feeling of rich air that engulfs you in making luxury makeup and skincare brands a hit among millennials today.

What cosmetic brand is best?

The answer to what is best differs from person to person but leading in the luxury market are below-listed cosmetic and skincare brands that are most trusted with a loyal base of consumers. When it comes to beauty and skincare, most people refrain from experimenting with new brands and products that are assumed of poor quality as they are available at a cheaper price because you want to test things on their own face! These well-known brands have been in the business for a good amount of time and have mustered people’s trust with their quality products.

1. MAC Cosmetics (Beauty)

2. L’oreal Paris (Beauty)

3. Innisfree (Skincare)

4. Kama Ayurveda (skincare)

5. Forest Essentials (skincare)

6. Just Herbs (skincare)

7. Paula’s Choice (skincare)

Here are a few beauty products from luxury makeup brands:

These products are on sale, thanks to Amazon’s Mega Fashion Weekends where you can get up to 20% off on the products listed below. They are an excellent gift for your mother, sister or girlfriend for Internal Woman’s Day. Grab them all and don’t miss out on the offers!

1. Daughter Earth – Lip & cheek tint

Daughter Earth is a natural skincare brand where luxury meets performance. This 2 in 1 rose tint from the brand gives your lips and cheeks a naturally flushed look and also it’s clean, safe and kind on the skin.


Price: Rs 795

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2. Forest Essentials – Sandalwood body mist

Forest Essentials is an Indian cosmetics, skincare and perfume company specializing in Ayurvedic preparations for its products. This luxury brand has an array of beauty and skincare products that are popular for their benefits and instant results. This sandalwood body mist is an aromatic solution to dry and dull skin as it hydrates and refreshes the skin.


Price: Rs 895

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3. Just Herbs – BB Cream

This bespoke and Ayurvedic results-driven skin and hair care brand with a loyal base of consumers. Their innovative and natural route in formulating products for the skin and beauty has given rise to a healthy beauty regime in many. Here’s a herbs-enriched BB cream from the brand that compliments your skin shade and blends in easily with the skin.


Price: Rs 1036

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4. Mac Cosmetics – Ruby red lipstick

Offering more than 100 shades of professional quality cosmetics for all ages, Mac Cosmetics has been leading in the beauty industry and has established itself as one of the best luxury makeup brands. If you are a makeup enthusiast, owning at least one product from the brand is a must and this classic ruby ​​red lipstick can be your easy choice.


Price: Rs 1440

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5. Brillare – Skin lightening serum

Brillare’s beauty philosophy emerged with a contrasting approach in order to address consumer beauty concerns. Focused on sustainable healing over a quick-fix approach, it’s one of those brands where you can place your trust. These power drops are formulated to be used with moisturizer or toner. It has skin lightening benefits that gradually clear dark spots and tanning.


Price: Rs 1246

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6. Laneige – Lip sleeping mask

Laneige is the brand where you can afford luxury. This South Korean cosmetics brand’s name comes from the French word ‘la neige’, which translates to ‘the snow’. Their popular product, the lip sleeping mask gently melts dead skin cells and makes the lips feel smooth and elastic during sleep.


Price: Rs 977

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7. Innisfree – Sunscreen

Innisfree is an affordable luxury K-beauty brand that has found its hold around the world. Made with natural ingredients, the brand has developed trust and has become one of the most popular cosmetic brands among millennials and Gen Zs. This anti-pollution sunscreen from Innisfree doesn’t leave a white cast on the face and gels nicely with skin.


Price: Rs 1250

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