Robert Pattinson Has Been Secretly Arguing Online with Batman Haters

The Batman star Robert Pattinson admits he occasionally responds anonymously to the upcoming DC film’s detractors when he encounters them online.

Much like the superhero he plays on the big screen, Robert Pattinson apparently prefers to strike from the shadows, with The Batman star recently revealing he occasionally argues with the film’s detractors anonymously online.

Pattinson admitted to debate Tea Batman‘s haters in an interview with Vanity Fair. “Sometimes I just get pushed a little far and I have to respond something,” he joked. “So, when sometimes you just see a quite abstract message going like, ‘Just please, just leave me alone,’ that’s me [laughs]. ‘Stop picking faults. I’m doing my best.’ [laughs].”

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Despite the occasional virtual stoush, Pattinson also described online forums as a useful resource while he was preparing to don the Dark Knight’s cape and cowl. “It’s actually very… I’m just reading these again and it’s extremely helpful to have these fan theories,” he explained. “I used to look at a lot of the forum stuff and it actually really did inform my character a lot. Still look at it nowadays… I generally lurk.”

Pattinson’s other Batman-related social interactions have also made headlines in the lead-up to the highly anticipated film. He and director Matt Reeves recently spoke about how the earpieces they wore during filming allowed Pattinson to eavesdrop on Reeves, something the star didn’t disclose until after shooting wrapped. “You could hear his little reactions,” Pattinson recalled. “If it was a tense scene, you’d suddenly hear his breathing accelerate. Sometimes, it would be very, very distracting, but sometimes I actually quite enjoyed hearing his real-time reaction.”

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Pattinson also made waves for playfully teasing his co-star Zoë Kravitz after she confessed she hadn’t seen the Twilight movies that made Pattinson a household name. “Yeah right. It’s not even cool to be a hater anymore. That’s so 2010,” he quipped, referencing the romantic fantasy series’ divisive reputation at the height of its popularity. Kravitz — who plays Catwoman alongside Pattinson’s Dark Knight — quickly backtracked, claiming to have at least seen the first Twilight installation, despite not remembering it.

The Batman has enjoyed largely positive reviews ahead of its release on March 4, with critics singing out Pattinson’s performance as a highlight of the film. Reviewers have also recognized Paul Dano for his effective portrayal of villain The Riddler and applauded Reeves for pushing the limits of the film’s PG-13 rating. At the time of this writing, The Batman has an 86% review score and “Certified Fresh” rating on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 229 professional reviews published to date.

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