Selena Gomez shows real skin texture in unfiltered Instagram pic

As you may have seen, Selena Gomez had an… experience at the SAG Awards last week. The singer iconically presented barefoot, and even fell on the red carpet after her heel broke – yet, she looked stunning through it all.

And just as we thought the singer couldn’t get anymore more real (I mean, we’ve all tripped during an important moment, right?!), Selena’s makeup artist for the evening, Hung Vanngo, shared three incredible unfiltered pictures of the glam look on Instagram.

Hung, who was the genius behind her before and after transformation, gave Selena a natural bronzed glow, which included a fluffy natural brow, subtle smokey eye and nude lip. The makeup look was also paired with the the stars signature middle-parted sleek bun, created by celebrity hairstylist Marissa Marino.

Far from the social media pictures we’re used to seeing, these snaps show Selena’s real skin texture, pores and facial hair (also known as ‘peach fuzz’). Although she is rocking a full-glam beat, all three pictures seem to be untouched and filter-free and we love to see it.

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Though, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Sel share an unfiltered makeup selfie. Back in August 2021, the pop star posted a car selfie on her Instagram, where we were able to see what her makeup actually looked like in real life with natural lighting. Needless to say, it was so refreshing to see.

More and more celebs are ditching filters and lighting effects in their social media posts, with Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga being the most recent to remind us that pores and freckles are completely normal.

I’m sure many of us struggle with societal expectations that come with pores, blackheads, and blemishes, as well as upper lip hair, wispy sideburns and even coarse chin hairs. But with these type of selfies, we’re reminded that these things are… well, normal. Because skin texture is normal, people.

More of this! Oh and Selena, please drop the skincare routine.

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