Shiba Inu To Reach $0.001 After Bitgert Plans To Launch Wrapped Shiba Inu Token?

by Analytics Insight
March 12, 2022

shiba inus

Shiba Inu might reach $0.001 after the Bitgert network launches the Wrapped Shiba Inu token

Shiba Inu coin price has been dropping, with the past 30 days showing that the coin has been plummeting. The coin has dropped over 30% in the past 30 days at the time of this writing. But the projection for the Shiba Inu is that it might reach $0.001 after the Bitgert network launches the Wrapped Shiba Inu token on its chain.

The biggest challenge with the Shiba Inu token, despite the lack of utility, has been the transaction cost. This is an Ethereum-based token, and thus high gas fee on the Ethereum chain has been slowing its performance. But Bitgert (BREEZE) is making things better for Shiba Inu. Read more below:


The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is working on making transactions of all other major cryptocurrencies possible through the use of wrapped tokens. The Bitgert wrapping technology will enable the creation of iterations of the largest cryptocurrencies to enable traders to transact on the zero gas fee Bitgert chain. The Shiba Inu will be one of the wrapped tokens on the Bitgert chain.

Transacting wrapped SHIB will cost zero gas fee that Brise chain is offering, which is $0.0000000000001. The impact of the wrapped SHIB on the Bitgert chain is an increase in the number of transactions, and this will start growing the demand for the coin. That is how Bitgert might make it possible for the Shiba Inu to reach $0.001. There are more wrapped tokens that will be available on the Bitgert chain.


The Bitgert blockchain will be offering wrapped tokens for a range of top cryptocurrencies, and Centcex might be one of them. This is because Centcex could be one of the hottest tokens in 2022. The Centcex project has been one of the most promising projects in the market because of the products the team is building. The team will be developing one of the largest products for the Centcex ecosystem.

The Centcex products will include all the highly demanded blockchains in the market. This is staking programs, dApps, exchanges, and many others. Therefore, Centcex might also experience the kind of adoption that Bitgert has been getting, especially with the wrapped token on the Brise chain.

shiba inus

With the wrapped Shiba Inu token on the Bitgert blockchain, the fastest and cheapest chain, there is a high possibility of the coin reaching $0.001. This means killing two zeros in the current price of Shiba coin, which is $0.0000223. This will be a huge growth that will be triggered by the cheapest gas fee, which is almost a zero figure.

The expensive Shiba Inu token transaction cost has been one of the biggest hindrances to the growth of this coin. Being an ERC20 token means that the cryptocurrency will be using the high Ethereum chain gas fee. That’s why transaction on the Shiba Inu network has been dropping lately. But Bitgert chain might bring the coin back.

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