Jacksonville, US COVID-19 cases at ebb, but pandemic isn’t over

Dr. Jack O'Horo, Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist, discusses the COVID-19 pandemic in a virtual media session.

Two years after it began, the COVID-19 pandemic may be evolving into an endemic, slowly retreating into the background but remaining a constant threat, according to a Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist.

Because of the virus’s ongoing presence, vaccines will have a continuing role in people’s lives, said Dr. Jack O’Horo, who is based in Rochester, Minn. Mayo also has locations in Jacksonville and Phoenix.

Case numbers are declining “precipitously” in the United States and much of the world, he said. But the coronavirus likely will always be around, in the form of one variant or another, with occasional eruptions similar to the flu virus, he said during a recent virtual session with reporters.

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