‘9-1-1’ Fans Have Thoughts About Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Rare Makeup-Free Instagram Post

Jennifer Love Hewitt is following in the footsteps of her 9-1-1 character and showing the world a super-honest version of herself.

In the wake of Maddie reconnecting with Chimney (Kenneth Choi) on Monday night’s new 9-1-1 episode, Jennifer got vulnerable in front of the camera and opened up to fans about her self esteem. As followers of the actress may know, Jennifer enjoys using filters on the social media app to enhance her look with color and definition. But in a rare move, on March 26, she shared a photo of herself without any makeup on.

According to Jennifer, she was inspired by her fans to be her most authentic self, regardless of societal beauty standards. “I posted this pic earlier and have heard a lot of positive thoughts,” she captioned the picture. “It means so much to me because aging is weird. And growing up with you guys over 33 years has been amazing but the filters of it all can be tricky.”

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She continued: “You can’t help but want to look better or even perfect to keep up. They are so fun but they also can be really hard because you can forget to feel good about your real face. Maybe I just need to be better at the balance. Anyway thanks for letting me share and feel good as just me today. Love to you all ❤️.”

After seeing her candid post, Jennifer’s celebrity friends reached out to her in the comments section with loving and supportive words. “Beyond beautiful, inside and outside ❤️❤️,” wrote The Talk cohost Amanda Kloots. “Gorgeous inside and out. Natural beauty is timeless ❤️❤️❤️,” added call me kat actor Leslie Jordan. “Your soul is beautiful. And therefore your face will always be. 😍,” commented The Goldbergs manager Christine Lakin.

Her fans also voiced their thoughts. “So happy you posted without filters. You never needed one and still don’t. But do it just for fun. That’s the only reason 🥰,” one person wrote. “Absolutely beautiful!! Best pic on Instagram yet!! Love the real so much because we need it so much! Gorgeous ❤️🙌👏🙌😍,” another added.

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As for her return on 9-1-1Jennifer hopes that viewers try to understand Maddie’s perspective and realize that her actions stem from lifelong challenges.

“I hope that it’s enough, I really do,” she told TVLine about the answers that will soon be shared. “I’ve had a genuine fear of that, so I’m nervous about Monday … It’s important to know about Maddie … that she’s a fugitive. She has literally spent her whole life, since she was a kid, running.”

Jennifer continued: “Hopefully people will understand that she left to truly keep her daughter safe from someone that felt unsafe. She had to do that to get better and to stop running. Maybe now she’ll be able to put herself back together and not spend the rest of her life that way.”

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