Beyond the White Knight Trailer Plunges Gotham City Into Civil War

Sean Gordon Murphy’s latest White Knight epic is a “sci-fi thriller” featuring Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne against an army of super cops in Gotham.

A new trailer for Batman: Beyond the White Knight promised an explosive civil war in Neo-Gotham.

“Tea White Knight was set up to be kind of a political thrillerCurse was set up to be a historical thriller, and this will be a sci-fi thriller,” writer-artist Sean Gordon Murphy says in the video. “At the end of the last volume, I have Bruce going to jail. Some years have gone by. What happens is somebody breaks into the ruins of Wayne Manor and steals this super dangerous Batsuit. [Bruce] decide to escape. He becomes a convict, the number one criminal on the run in Gotham, hoping to finally put Batman to bed. And there’s kind of a civil war in Gotham — there’s this overreaching, overpowered super cop program run by Dick, and then you have GCPD, the normal blue-collar good cops.”

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Murphy added that with Beyond the White Knighthe hoped to give Batman Beyond fans “everything that they are looking for,” saying, “I also wanted to play with pieces in a new, unique way.” He teased that the futuristic Batsuit worn by Terry McGinnis would look the same as it did in the classic series, but added that he planned a surprise for readers in the book. This surprise is set to be an unexpected reveal at the end of the title’s first issue, which Murphy claims will make readers want to instantly buy the entire series unless they are “dead inside.”

A hint regarding Beyond the White Knight‘s plot twists can be found in a recently released preview for the series, which shows off the debut issue’s first seven pages. In the preview, Terry McGinnis — who is intentionally presented as half-Asian in Murphy’s series as a nod to Batman Beyond‘s Japanese, cyberpunk roots — is the figure digging through the wreckage of Wayne Manor. He unearths the futuristic Batsuit and fends off several GCPD officers, all the while taking orders from none other than Derek Powers, the man who killed his father in the animated television series and eventually transformed into the irradiated villain Blight.

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Murphy’s prior Black Label series, Batman: White Knight and Batman: Curse of the White Knightalso had unique takes on existing Batman mythology. White Knight featured Batman coming to terms with a seemingly cured Joker who called himself Jack Napier, an ode to the villain’s name in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie. Curse of the White Knightmeanwhile, featured Batman fighting Jean-Paul Valley in a conflict reminiscent of the classic ’90s “Knightfall” Batman bow. The sequel ended with Bruce donating his fortune to the people of Gotham City and willingly going behind bars, acknowledging that his vigilante activities had done more harm than good over the years.

In addition to Murphy writing and illustrating the title’s first issue, artist Dave Stewart is responsible for colors and AndWorld Design letters. Batman: Beyond the White Knight releases on March 29 from DC Comics.

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