J Lo, Phoebe Dynevor & more share makeup-free post-workout selfies

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Our specialist subject would be celebrity workouts, but it’s not every day you get to see how they look afterwards, make-up and filter-free. (*Gasp*) So, we did some detective work and found out — shocker — famous humans sweat, redden and get super-slick bangs just like us.

Thought we know social media isn’t a true reflection of literally anything, sometimes it can be a relief to know that it’s not possible to be and look perfect all the time, as seen in these celebrity post-workout selfies.

There may be a lash extension here, a faux glow there, but this is what A-list sweat looks like IRL. And every single one is *FIRE EMOJI* (… in both senses).

That said, though it’s not recommended to exercise in make-up (it gets into your pores, FYI), sometimes it’s the confidence-booster we need (Head Peloton trainer Robin Arzón told us she swears by it) and there’s nothing to feel bad about — you’re only human, too — just get yourself clued up on non-comodegenic gym make-up that’s been expertly designed to be safe to wear while you move.

HELLO, #gymselfie! (…Or it didn’t happen, jkjk.)

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Phoebe Dynevor

It will come as zero surprise that the actor’s infamous glow sticks around after a workout.


Davina McCall

A limitless source of fitness inspiration, the WH cover star often shares selfies pre- and post- getting her sweat awwwn.


Gemma Atkinson

W.H. cover star Gem and daughter Mia posed for a pic complete with Gem’s ‘sweaty gym head’. That skin, though.


Jennifer Lopez

She didn’t explicitly say so, but the activewear makes us think J Lo had just wound up a workout for this vid. THAT GLOW.


Kate Hudson

Our longterm crush, the actor and fitspiration is looking as fresh-faced as ever post-Peloton workout. She’s a mega fan of the stationary bike, which she mixes up with weight training, pilates and trampolining.


Drew Barrymore

Drew took a dance break on her mat, and just look at that glow.


Jessica Alba

Proof exercise, eating healthily and natural products DO work.


Behati Prinsloo

Not one for a stringent workout routine, the model is nevertheless a fan of no make-up selfies — and who wouldn’t be looking like that?


Ellie Goulding

The singer has talked about using exercise as an ‘escape’ — and that toned bod is just a bonus!


Karlie Kloss

Model, mother, extraordinary coding, marathon runner — is there anything this woman can’t do?


Jamie Chung

That natural radiance is all kinds of unfair.


Eva Longoria

‘feeling [*and looking] fit’. Yes Eva!


Kourtney Kardashian

Granted, there might be a littleeee bit of a filter on this one, but look at that plump, hydrated post-workout complexion.


Emmy Rossum

That looks like us when we work out, but swap the trampoline for a big pool of hard-earrrned sweat.

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