Space buns, bubble braids & more

Have you made plans for your hair this Songkran yet? Check out these easy summer hairstyles for summer 2022 to get inspired.

Don’t just stick to the usual topknot. There’s a whole world of easy, non-boring hairstyles that will look great with summer nails, strappy sandals and bright hues. We rounded up a bunch of cute summer hairstyles that take less than 10 minutes; all they require are some creative styling tricks and a few hair accessories.

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12 easy summer hairstyles for summer 2022

cute bandanna

A cute and simple bandana can save even the worst hair days or make beautiful ones even better.

bubble ponytail

Simply “bubble” your ponytails instead of braiding them for a look that seems much more intricate. Tie your ponytail in small sections with thin elastics, then tug at each section. A few tendrils in the front give it a romantic feel.

Beach waves

While beachy waves are nothing new, TikTok has given a load of new hacks for achieving texture without using heat. You can sleep with your hair in braids or wrapped around a scarf, socks, or tights. This helps to hold your hair in the desired shape without the use of heat. Simply remove the braids in the morning and apply a finishing spray for a bit extra volume.

Sleek topknot

Sweep your hair into a sleek topknot. This style may be finished with a pair of statement earrings.


Claw clips were probably the must-have hair item of quarantine—and they’re not going away anytime soon. Take two sections of your front hair and secure them with a claw clip. This hairstyle will not only keep your hair out of your face but will also make a fashion statement.

Double braids

A classic summer hairstyle is double french braids. It’s incredibly quick and easy to do, and it looks fabulous.

high ponytail

Brush your hair back and secure the elastic tightly for the perfect high pony. Add a bobby pin at the base of the ponytail, pointing up, to add volume. It’ll be hidden by your hair, but it gives your pony a bit more pep without having to constantly pull and tighten it. A few tendrils in the front would look cute.

Braided crown

Pair your nap dress with milkmaid braids for a full cottagecore look for brunch with the girls. We recommend that you add some waves to your hair before braiding it. It will not only give you a more bohemian vibe, but the texture will help support the style better.

space buns

Space buns are classic because they look chic without much effort. Simply create two small buns on either side of your head and secure them with an elastic or a bobby pin. This look works great whether it’s sleek or messy, making it versatile. This look works best with your hair parted down the center, but you may also be creative and place the buns anywhere you see fit.


If you have shorter hair, tuck your hair into a loop instead of a bun for a fuller look and accessories it with a scarf.

barbie ponytail

Adding a hair accent piece to your Barbie Ponytail will elevate your entire look.

Half up with a scarf accent

This adorable hairstyle is quite simple to achieve. Make a simple half-up hairstyle and tie your scarf around it.

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