Is the Rare Beauty Blush Good? My 2022 Review and Swatches

I’ll be honest: I usually roll my eyes when I hear about yet another celebrity-owned beauty brand. Because more often than not, the products aren’t good enough to warrant being in the over-saturated beauty space anyway—and who has time for another flakey mascara gold has cream eyeshadow that immediately creases? Not me. So when I tried the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush from Selena Gomez’s spring collection, I expected to find another basic blush formula that would fade from my cheeks after a couple of hours (hey, what’s one more disappointment?).

But very surprisingly, it was actually…not trash. It’s been four months since I first tried the Rare Beauty blush, and I can confidently say I now use it on the daily, while also forcing it upon any friend, family member, or complete stranger who utters the word “blush” in my presence. And now, that also includes you. So please keep reading to find out everything about my MVP blush, from how to wear it (so you don’t end up looking like a clown, because this sh*t is pigmented), to my before-and-pics to prove that you need it ASAP.

The formula

First surprising thing to note about the Rare Beauty Liquid Blush: It’s not actually liquid. Which, honestly, was a pro for me (drippy blush running down my cheeks? Not my ideal situation). Instead, the formula is more like a silky, lightweight cream, making it just thick enough that it won’t bleed or drip, but also just sheer enough that it can be built up to whatever opacity you want. The blush itself also comes in 11 dewy and matte shades, ranging from muted roses and pinks, to bright terracotta reds and berries.

a swatch of rare beauty liquid blush on the back of my hand

WAY TOO MUCH of the matte shade Love on my hand.

Sami Roberts

the rare beauty blush blended out on my hand

Love blended out. Note: Do not use this much, lol.

Courtesy Image

The pigment

K, let me tell you, this blush is Great pigmented. Unlike sheer blushes I’ve tried, this one is nothing but pure color, meaning a little bit goes a very, very long way. Like, a single dot covered a quarter of the back of my hand when I tested it out, so you can imagine how little you need for your cheek. While it takes a little practice to get used to how much to use (more on that next), the bold pigment means it’s super versatile and buildable, whether you want a light wash of color or a more dramatic flush.

my face with two dots of rare beauty blush on each cheek

Wearing two dots of the matte “Love” shade, a warm terra cotta red.

Sami Roberts

my face wearing the blended blush

The blush blended with a beauty blender.

Sami Roberts

How to wear Rare Beauty Liquid Blush

Because the color is so intense, it takes a bit of practice to know where and how much to tap on your cheeks to get that flushed, glowy look without looking like a full-on Raggedy Anne doll. Even though the directions suggest wiping off the applicator on the lip of the tube before dotting it over your cheeks, I found that it was still too pigmented for me. So instead, I’ve found it best to tap my (clean) finger against the doe-foot tip to pick up the smallest amount of product and dot it twice on my cheeks (on the apples and cheekbones).

the rare beauty liquid blush applicator

The Rare Beauty blush applicator in Love.

Sami Roberts

Just note that actually blending it can be a bit of a race against the clock. Even though the formula isn’t that liquid-y, it does dry down a bit and start to stain in as quickly as ten seconds (especially the matte shades), so the longer you wait to blend, the harder it is to spread. My advice: As soon as you dab the blush onto your skin, blend it out with your clean fingers or with a damp makeup sponge.

Once you nail the timing and blending, you’ll be left with a velvety-matte flush. The best part? It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything, which, for someone who hates most face makeup (lookin’ at you, every foundation ever), is a big win.

Does Rare Beauty blush last?

Once I had the application down, there was still the question of whether the blush would actually hold up. And I’m happy to report that yes, the blush actually lasts all damn day. After my first full day of wearing it, I still had a noticeable wash of color left—and that was without using a primer first (don’t come for me; I just can’t do face stuff).

Since then, it’s been my go-to blush, and my regular two-tap method on my cheeks gets me a full day of pigment with a subtle and even fade throughout the day (moreso on sweatier days, but such is life). And since it’s super buildable, the more blush you start with, the longer the color will last.

Can you put Rare Beauty blush on your lips?

Technically, this blush was made only for your cheeks, not your lips, so if you’re going by the instructions, no, you “can’t” put Rare Beauty blush on your lips. But if you want my honest, unofficial, non-medical answer, yes, you can wear it on your lips—and I fully do. For a monochromatic makeup look, I pick one shade of the liquid blush for my eyes, lips, and cheeks. Since it’s not an actual lip product, it won’t feel as creamy or soft as actual lipsticks. But to my surprise, it actually lasted hours on my lips, and even as it wore off, it left a subtle tint of color, almost like a lip stain.

final thoughts

I gotta say, Selena Gomez really delivered with a liquid blush that’s silky, buildable, and has real staying power. It’s super versatile, so you can blend on just a little onto your cheeks for a natural warm makeup look or layer on the pigment for statement blush (which happens to be a big 2022 makeup trends, btw). And aside from the quality of the blush itself, it also looks very cute on my vanity, just sayin’.

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