Oscars 2022: The Gentlemen – Tom + Lorenzo

We gave spotlight posts to Timothee, Kodi, and Troy, but it’s time for all the other dandified dudes on the Oscars red carpet to line up for judgment. Gentlemen, start your engines…

Andrew Garfield in Saint Laurent

We hate the trend of wearing black pants with colored jackets or blazers, but everything from the waist up is perfectly charming. Love that tie.

Daniel Kaluuya in Gucci

This looks awful on him. The color is harsh and the fit is terrible.

David Oyelowo in Kutula

This, on the other hand, is spectacular. He really loves wearing embroidered velvet loafers and we appreciate the dandyism, but we don’t think this suit needed anything more.

Eliott Page in Gucci

People really are who they are, no matter what else changes in their life. He ALWAYS dressed in minimal, conventional styles. As much as we’d love to see him embrace a little dandyism, that’s never who he was. We just wish it fit a little better.

JK Simmons in Dior Homme

Can’t argue with that – although we’d have told him to ditch the vest. We were going to suggest that a yellow pocket square doesn’t go, but we realized he’s showing his support for Ukraine.

Jacob Elordi in Burberry

Another classic tux. We’re not mad at it, especially because he looks like a mid-century movie star. Conventional works for him.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Givenchy

When boys show up at the Oscars without their shirts on, we suppose we can’t get too mad about the lack of a tie. We can get mad at the fact that he just threw a tuxedo jacket on over casually dressy items. Those work shoes are so wrong for a formal event.

Jamie Dornan in Valentino

Resting on pretty. The shoes are kind of fun, though.

Jason Momoa in Henry Poole & Co.

We love our gigantic dandified king.

Kevin Jonas in Brunello Cucinelli

Nicely done. No reviews. Look at how pristine and unsullied those shoes are. This is what we mean when we insist that men wear brand new, unworn shoes on formal red carpets. It completes the look appropriately.

Rice Ahmed in Zegna

We love this, but to be fair, we’re not sure it would work for many other men. The color looks great. We really admire his commitment to not falling into boring, conventional menswear styles. We don’t like the dangling whatever-they-ares.

Samuel L. Jackson in Giorgio Armani

The upper half is spectacular. The bottom half is … not up to the standards of the upper half.

Sebastian Yatra in Moschino

As gay fashion bloggers, we are required by law to love this.

Simu Liu in Versace

Gorgeous. The fit is superb, the color speaks of celebration and prosperity, and we love the unusualness of that strap. We never mind socklessness with loafers, but we don’t think it was quite the way to go here. And when you’re wearing pants that tightly fitted, don’t stand with your hand in your pocket. You’re ruining the gorgeous line.

Wesley Snipes in Givenchy

The world may change, but Wesley Snipes is always gonna do Wesley Snipes and there’s something kind of comforting about that. We may not entirely love the design, but we respect the hell out of the commitment. The color looks great on him.

Wilmer Valderrama in Dolce & Gabbana

That’s gorgeous. What an interesting color combination.

[Photo Credit: ABC, Michael Baker/A.M.P.A.S., Michael Baker/A.M.P.A.S., Abby Grant/Cover Images/INSTARimages.com]

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