See Jodie Whittaker Take On Pirates And Classic Villains In The Doctor Who Spring Special Trailer

By James Brizuela | 13 seconds ago

Jodie Whittaker doctor who

It was recently announced that the new Doctor Who spring special would be bringing back a familiar foe from the 1980s of the long-tenured show. Now a trailer has dropped, showcasing Jodie Whittaker on a new adventure on the high seas. The Doctor will be traveling to 19th century China and having to take on a pirate queen. That is not all, as the Sea Devils are finally given their time to shine. The newly redesigned monsters look better than ever. You can see the highly excitable trailer below:

No trailer would be complete without a hilarious tagline, and Doctor Who has provided quite a good one. The trailer tells fans to “Swashbuckle your seatbelts.” That is some clever writing. The opening of the trailer shows Jodie Whittaker presumably coming face to face with the Sea Devils, as that is her first line. The Doctor is joined by Dan and Yaz, as they seemingly find the Tardis at the bottom of the sea. There are what look to be sharks circling the Tardis, or it could very well be those pesky Sea Devils. The next shot is that of a large creature making its way towards the ship that might have The Doctor and her crew on. Not to mention also having to deal with the pirate queen, Madame Ching.

The current showrunner for Doctor Who, Chris Chibnall, is said to be a fan of the old-school episodes of the series. He has already brought back the Silurians, for the 11th Doctor, which was during season five of the series. This race is the more evolved version of the Sea Devils. The Silurians are said to have cryogenically frozen themselves due to the belief that an asteroid would strike the earth. That asteroid simply became the moon, and the Silurains were awoken from their slumber. Both the Silurians and the Sea Devils lived during the time of the dinosaurs and often used the dinos as their pets. They possessed some of the most heightened genetic engineering, which allowed them to create special creatures in times of war. The sea monster that is briefly shown in the trailer could be one of those creatures made by the Sea Devils. That, or it is a brand-new scary monster for The Doctor to deal with. This will be one of the last specials that both Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker are involved in, so it could be time to break out everything that the pair wanted to show. They will both be taking their leave later this year.

While Jodie Whittaker is soon ending her time as The Doctor, the new Doctor Who spring special looks to be exciting. The Sea Devils, Madame Ching, and that large sea monster will be one of the final tests for her to appeal fans with. Another quick shot also seems to indicate that she is going to replicate herself in some fashion. Why have one Whittaker, when you can have a boat full? Chibnall seems to be pulling out all the stops to end his run with Doctor Whoand a pirate adventure is one that is sure to excite hardcore and casual fans of the show. The Doctor Who: Legends of the Sea Devils special is set to air on April 22nd on BBC.

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