Why Rosa Salazar, James Cameron And Robert Rodriguez Keep ‘Trying Like Hell’ To Get Alita 2 Into Production

Hollywood is literate with promised sequels that never come to fruition. There’s a small window of time when the follow up to a beloved movie can get a coveted greenlight. And while it may seem like the widow has closed on a sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s sci-fi/manga adaptation Alita: Battle Angellead actress Rosa Salazar tells CinemaBlend that’s not the case, she still wants to returnand the key principles continue to fight hard to get that story rolling.

Rosa Salazar stopped by CinemaBlend’s media suite at the WonderCon fest in Anaheim, California over the weekend to talk about the upcoming second season of Undonepopular Amazon Prime Video show. During our conversation, we asked her about any updates on Alita 2, and if she has talked to either James Cameron or Robert Rodriguez about it. As it turns out, they do more than talk about Alita 2. Salazar told us:

I harass them all the time. Like, it might become a legal issue soon. I email with James Cameron a lot. …And he’s always like, ‘I’m so down.’ Which is crazy to hear someone like James Cameron be like, ‘I’m so down!’ When we were in South by Southwest, I went over to Robert (Rodriguez)’s house and had tea, and was just talking about Alita. All three of us have so much love for it. It’s never outside of our line of vision, ever. Everything we do, we’re just sort of like, ‘How do we get back there?’ … We’re trying like hell to get her back out there because we know how much, just like (Undone), her story means so much to women, to young girls, to boys, to everybody. I think she represents something that transcends race, gender, all of that. So we’re working on it, man!

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