Games of Thrones Co-Creator Jams to a New Coming of Age Film With Metal Lords (Interview)

During an exclusive interview with CBR, GOT co-creator DB Weiss shares the heavy metal inspirations behind his latest film, Metal Lords.

Before DB Weiss co-created one of the world’s most popular fantasy television adaptation series with Game Of Thrones, Weiss first stretched his creative muscles by playing in rock bands when he was young. The writer and producer leaned into this rockin’ upbringing to craft the script for Netflix’s Metal Lords, a coming-of-age tale about two metalheads who try to bring heavy metal to their high school’s battle of the bands’ competition. Hunter (Adrian Greensmith) and Kevin (Knives Out‘s Jaeden Martell) are the only two kids in school who get what metal is. But this all changes when Kevin meets a cello-slaying Emily (Isis Hainsworth), which Hunter perceives as a direct and “Yoko-like” threat to their fledgling band.

During an exclusive interview with CBR, DB Weiss leaned into what aspects of the movie’s take on creative partnerships stemmed from his GOT experiences and playing in bands growing up. He also teased some of Metal Lords’ most metal — and surprising — cameos.

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CBR: MEtal Lords is in part about how people come together through music, and then also what it’s like to have a creative partnership, and how that can be difficult. ATs someone who worked on HBO’s Game Of Thrones with a longtime creative partner. How much of this film came from that or being in bands?

DB Weiss: It’s funny because it came more from being in bands when I was the age of the characters in the show. But it is interesting. I never even thought about it until you’ve mentioned it now. Goal David [Benioff] and I were friends for a long time before we worked together. In Hunter and Kevin’s friendship — what we see them doing the band practice, at the beginning of the movie is the first band practice they’ve ever had — one of them is really ready for it. The other one is not really ready for it. And so the idea that their band ends up working out because their relationship precedes it, that does jibe very much with my experience of spending a lot of time making something, a bunch of things, with somebody who was was your friend before they were your creative business work partner.

I wasn’t surprised when I saw that you wrote Metal Lords because everyone I’ve talked to who loves the fantasy genre always loves heavy metal too. They always talk about the lore in the lyrics — what does heavy metal mean to you?

Yeah, there definitely are times making the show when I would just look at it a frame that we were shooting and be like, “That would be a great album cover.” [laughs]

But yeah, I love this music. I’ve always loved this music, and it’s fun to make something about the things that you love — especially when it’s something that hasn’t been that many movies that touch seriously on this stuff — maybe seriously is the wrong word — that touched strongly on this music. So I thought it was slightly underserved and it would be a fun, fresh place to explore in the context of high school.

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METAL LORDS, (L to R) Jaeden Martell as Kevin and Adrian Greensmith as Hunter Photo Cr.  Scott Patrick Green / Netflix © 2022

There are plenty of easter eggs in here for heavy metal fans. Without spoiling it, are there any ones you are particularly proud of?

Just having the guys who are in the movie — the guys who do some cameos in the movie who show up and agree to spend time [with us on set]. They’re busy people and they have other things they could be doing. Or they could just be watching TV on their couch. So to have them take a day away from the other things that they’re doing to come and be a part of this love letter to what they made — it’s one of those moments where you want a time machine to tell your 15-year -old self that someday you’re going to be sitting around a fake hot tub with this collection of guys, commenting on what’s supposed to be happening the fake hot tub.

Was there a particular heavy metal song you were listening to while writing Metal Lords that inspired you?

It was a really fun excuse to put together a whole bunch of old and new playlists and listen to things to get myself in the right headspace and to give the Metal 101 to the kids in the movie, who were very invested in music but had never really got into this kind of music before.

Jam out with the teens of Metal Lords, hitting Netflix on April 8.

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