Angela Deem Wows With New Makeup & Hair

After dropping more than 100 pounds in the past year, Angela Deem surprises 90 Day Fiancé viewers with her brand new makeup and hair makeover.

In the past year, Angela has flaunted several jaw-dropping looks online after losing 100 pounds. Fans are always amazed to see the results of her weight loss and ready to shower her with tons of compliments. During the show, Angela’s surgeon refused to operate on her until she quit smoking four weeks prior to her procedure. Since the 90 Day Fiance star didn’t stop smoking, she couldn’t get the facelift. But in March 2022, Georgia resident Angela posted her new sculpted look on Instagram, suggesting she probably underwent a facelift.

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Tea 90 Day Fiance regular has posted a new video on Instagram to unveil her amazing makeup and hair transformation. Angela can be seen wearing a heavy face and eye makeup in the post. Since the meemaw doesn’t wear much makeup on the show, she looks quite different from her usual self. Instead of sporting her signature high ponytail, she styled her hair in perms. Angela thanked the business that did her hair by writing, “Thank you so much @prettypartybty. You guys are a bug stress relief error lol.“It seemed like glamming up in a lemon-green dress was a good way for the 90 Day Fiance alum to stay relevant and flaunt a new and improved look at the same time.

After losing more than 100 pounds in the past two years, Angela’s face and physique now look much slimmer. She also seems much more confident than before. A fan complimented her new makeover by commenting, “This is the best I have seen her hair look and makeup.“Another fan chimed in,”Damn meemaw! Looking spicy with curls!!! I love it!!“But someone else noticed little bumps on Angela’s forehead and commented,”Shady Botox treatment apparent from the lumps on your forehead. smh.” A few 90 Day Fiance viewers are curious to know where Micheal is and when he will come to the United States.

Seeing her latest social media activity, it seems that Angela has broken up with Micheal. She has removed most of her memories from her Instagram grid, including their wedding pictures. Fans think that Angela used her husband to be on the show, and she is now aiming to be on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3.Still, 90 Day Fiance fans hope that Angela and Micheal’s divorce rumors aren’t true and that the Nigerian native will be able to admire his wife’s brand-new makeover in person.

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