Hell yeah, Vanessa Hudgens talks to ghosts

Vanessa Hudgens, kissing a ghost, we bet

Vanessa Hudgens, kissing a ghost, we bet
Photo: David Livingston (Getty Images)

The universe is a vast and complicated place, full of mysteries and wonders both great and small. Some of these are important, informing us, as a species, of both the heights, and depths, that we, as infinitesimal beings floating through the cosmos, can achieve. Others are not important, like whether train High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens talks to ghosts.

And yet, how the mind weighs!

This existential query was sparked by a recent interview we The Kelly Clarkson Showin which Clarkson—in full enthusiastic fangirl mode—pivots seamlessly from a long conversation about Hudgens’ new-found love of golf to ask her, “So, is it true that you have a new passion in life? Are you really obsessed with ghosts?” Answer: “It’s not really a new passion.”

Which, hell yeah: Tell us about the ghosts, Vanessa. (It is, if nothing else, better than hearing the actor opines on public healthwhich she got yelled at for back in 2020 after she declared that it was “inevitable” people were going to die from COVID-19, which, yes, but…)

Now, though, the star is talking about a lifetime of seeing unexplained-to-Vanessa-Hudgens phenomena, like the time that she, as a child, saw a duck-on-a-string toy apparently move by itself. Or her recent use of a “spirit box,” ie a radio that scans across frequencies for ghost chatter, which has been invaluable in the past in proving the existence of people with too much disposable income on their hands.

Sadly, the one ghost Hudgens managed to conjure up with the device was not a Clarkson-level superfan, and declined to ask even a single question about Tick, Tick…Boom!. Hudgens describes a late-night trip to the cemetery—and we’d honestly quibble about her assertion that that’s where ghosts would want to hang out, but who are we to say, really—and revealed that, even after the “ghost” “responded” to “her” by “name,” when asked if he had any other things to say to her, it just said “No!” (C’mon, Ghost Sam: Don’t you have any burning Powerless questions to assay?)

Unfortunately, neither Hudgens nor Clarkson address the one obvious issue with Hudgens’ story—ie, that ghosts aren’t real, and that death is an infinite black abyss from which no human intention will ever escape. Still, though: Kudos to Clarkson for getting her off that golf talk, because Jesus Christ that was a lot more boring than hearing about the ghosts.

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