This $3 Amazon Lip Mask Is Better Than Any Pricey Lip Product

I’d definitely be lying if we said TikTok hasn’t influenced our spending clothes in the past couple of months. From butt-lifting leggings to claw clips, if a product has gone viral, there’s a pretty good chance I’ve bought it. Yet, if there’s one kind of viral item I can’t pass up, it has to be an affordable dupe to a pricey alternative.

The latest item to pique our interest is none other than Carenel’s Berry Lip Sleeping Mask ($3, Amazon). Tons of TikTok users say it works just as well as *that* very pricey alternative, but for a fraction of the price. For just $10, you get a whopping three lip masks, making them just about $3 each—now that’s a deal your lips can’t miss.

Berry Lip Sleeping Mask



And even though it’s affordable, the sleeping lip mask is made with a bunch of all-star natural ingredients, if you can believe it. Some standouts in the nourishing formula include berry extract and vitamin C which work to promote cell turnover. Translation? The formula is designed to smoothen the texture of your lips.

While you can use it during the day for some on-the-go hydration, reviewers say it works best as an overnight treatment. To get the most out of the mask, apply it to your lips using the complimentary applicator it comes with after your nighttime skincare routine. Then, head to bed to get your (literal) beauty sleep. Happy customers say their lips were plumper and more moisturized in the morning than the day before. Talk about an overnight success!

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“[My] Lips were so cracked beyond repair,” wrote one reviewer.Bleeding every night because I was honestly too lazy to put on chapstick and drink water. Drink water first, put this on before bed and I wear you will have baby lips in the morning.”

Amazon Prime members can get the new wonder product delivered to their doorsteps in as little as one day, a total perk if your dry lips are seeking an oasis of total hydration. Plus, at under $10, for three, you can keep one and share the others with your BFF and mom (Mother’s Day gift, anyone?).

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