Kiramoon Founder Lindsey Martin Overcame Burnout and Anxiety to Start a Beauty Brand

Kiramoon is more than just a skincare line with adorable packaging. The buzzy brand with a serious social media following represents change, the process of starting over, and founder Lindsey Martin’s attempt to find peace amid a period of grief and anxiety.

Lindsey tells Teen Vogue that she never really planned to start a company. In fact, she initially stepped into skincare as a means of unwinding. “I fell in love with skincare during a time in my life where my career was taking off. I seemingly had everything you could imagine as a thirty-something,” she said. Despite all that success, Lindsey was seriously struggling.

Working long hours with little in the way of work-life balance, she found herself constantly looking forward to winding down with a skincare routine. She thought the products she used were “magic,” but felt that something was lacking with the very “sterile” packaging. She noted, “My feeling of something missing came at a time where I was so burnt out and really thinking about like where my career was going. I had to be honest with myself that I didn’t wanna be a VP or CEO at of a software company. I started researching skincare and just decided to go for it.”

Before quitting her job and starting Kiramoon, Lindsey saved for three years. During that time period, her mom passed away, and that experience would come to shape Kiramoon’s future. “When I decided to launch Kiramoon, I was so stressed out. I didn’t even realize that there was something deeper going on. I was very anxious and I didn’t even know what anxiety was at that time,” she said.

She started to have panic attacks and because she didn’t know what they were, she worried it was a heart issue. Instead, a doctor explained that she had generalized anxiety disorder and her experience, especially following the death of a loved one, was quite common.

“I remember being blown away,” she said. “How had I been experiencing this more or less my whole life and no one talked about it? As I researched more, I realized how incredibly common it is. Things like depression and anxiety are something that most everyone experiences at some point, and so when I started the brand, I knew that I wanted to give back in some way.”

With each Kiramoon purchase, a portion of proceeds is donated to Bring Change to Mind, a non-profit dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

Reflecting on what she’s built, Lindsey acknowledged that “from the beginning” she had a vision. “I wanted people to know what we stood for, who I was, and I wanted to show them how I’m building this brand,” she said. “I was really scared that by revealing that people wouldn’t take us seriously or wouldn’t think we were legit. The opposite happened. People were drawn to us because they understood our story and our mission. I’m just a normal gal from Texas. I had no, you know, beauty industry experience and I have this sincere dream to help people smile while they do skincare.”


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