10 movies that get metal completely wrong

This Is Spinal Tap. Wayne’s World. deathgasm. Netflix’s brand new Metal Lords. Some movies just get metal, drenching every second they can in witty send-ups and gloriously obnoxious music. These are not those films. From ’80s exploitation horror to dated 2000s throwbacks, metal’s also been the backdrop for a slew of lazy and inaccurate duds. Here are ten films that completely misunderstood what heavy music is all about.

Metal Hammer line break

Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park (1978)

Connoisseurs of the “so bad it’s good” film need this Hanna-Barbera-produced fever dream in their lives. Even the premise is hilarious: Kiss fighting an evil inventor to save a theme park. But then you watch it, and see the piss-poor acting, the ridiculous costumes and drummer Peter Criss shooting eye lasers. It was such a masterclass in failure that, for years, the band didn’t permit anyone to talk about it in their presence.

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