how to get Simone Ashley aka Kate Sharma’s glowy skin

If you’re anything like us, you’ve watched and re-watched Bridgerton season two (and then maybe re-watched it one more time for good measure). From watching Penelope Featherington’s betrayal (is she the drama? Is she the villain?!) to that wedding scene and a whole lot of fancy balls and walking in between, there’s a lot going on this season.

But our major highlight (emphasis on highlight) of season two? Simone Ashley aka Kate Sharma’s skin. In every scene, Simone (Kate’s?) skin is glowing and looks super healthy and fresh and I can’t help but wonder exactly which products were used.

It seems I’m not the only one, either. Jessie Deol, makeup artist for Bridgerton, revealed that she had ‘a lot of requests’ to share what she used on Simone’s skin. And yes, dear reader, she gave us exactly that.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Erika’s idea for Kate was to have a simple look and as she falls in love we started to soften the makeup and add more.

“I have had a lot of requests about Simone’s skin and what I used. So, this is a breakdown solely on products I used on her face.”

The list was made up of five Pat McGrath Labs products, including foundation, concealer, a setting powder, blush and a highlighter/balm duo, which Jessie says she “pressed on top of the cheekbones”.

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Pat McGrath Labs served as the official makeup brand for Bridgerton season two and so, unsurprisingly, all of the base products used are from there. While it’s a bit more of a penny brand, it’s fair to say that the products deliver results.

Here’s everything that was used…

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