Tarte’s Iconic Cheek Stain is Back — But Not For Long

There aren’t many beauty products from the ’90s and early aughts that I would joyfully add back into my makeup routine in 2022. From the drying, cake-y foundations to the concealer-as-lipstick phase that plagued my high school yearbook photos , the results were not pretty. The Tarte Cheek Stains do not fall into that category—and they’re finally back, albeit for a limited time.

The chunky little cylinder, which was the brand’s first-ever launch circa 1999, has been brought back—with a new and improved formula. It’s currently available in three iconic colors: Exposed, a nude pink, Flush, a deep berry, and Tipsy, a bright coral hue. And, just like everything else from the decade, users on TikTok have been obsessing over Tarte’s re-launch en masse: the hashtag #TarteCheekStain has garnered over 890.2K views and counting on the app, and there are hundreds of videos showing off the ultra-dewy, lightweight texture.

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