Even Sakshi Tanwar Can’t Save This Dull Thriller

May, a Hindi language thriller series, is now streaming on Netflix. Directed by Atul Mongia and Anshai Lal, the writing team includes Mogia along with Tamal Sen and Amita Vyas. The 6-episode series stars Sakshi Tanwar as Sheel, Wamiqa Gabbi as Supriya, and Vivek Mushran as Yashpal. The star cast also includes Prashant Narayanan, Raima Sen, Seema Bhargava, Ankur Ratan, Anant Vidhaat, and others. Each episode is of 50-55 minutes each.

The synopsis reads, “A grieving mother discovers the criminals behind her daughter’s tragic death, and transforms from meek to merciless to get the real story.”

Netflix’s May Review Contains No Spoilers (Trigger Warning: Violence, Swear Words, Bloodshed)

In the Netflix show May, Sheel is shattered by the death of her daughter, Supriya. Everyone in the family thinks her death was accidental. However, Sheel’s instinct as a mother strongly tells her there’s someone behind her daughter’s death. She decides to take matters into her own hands to prove that it was a murder. The deeper she looks for answers, the more disturbing secrets she uncovers.

Was Supriya’s death actually a murder? Who killed her and why? Will Sheel find out the true culprit without getting caught? The makers attempt to unravel the mystery in the 6 episodes.

Sakshi Tanwar’s show May starts on an impactful note and immediately grabs your interest. The unfortunate events occur in the first 20-30 minutes. However, seeking answers is never an easy process as traps and threats are looming around all the time.

Nothing can stop a mother from seeking justice for her child. Atul Mongia has profoundly shown us the side of an enraged mother who will go to any length to find answers. However, the makers never established the intensity of Sheel and Surpiya’s bond. Sheel shows no emotion of loss or grievance towards her daughter’s death. Hence, it is tricky to empathize with the mother and her quest for revenge.

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More characters are introduced as the drama continues, and some of them appear suspicious. However, instead of thickening the plot, these characters add to the monotony of the story. Sheel keeps running here and there for the remaining episodes, with the story barely progressing. You’ll get tired of seeing Sheel’s painstaking efforts to find her daughter’s killer at one point.

The show could have been a movie or a short series with a solid storyline. After two episodes, the show begins to lose its grip and never recovers. It’s clear that the show’s creators sought to keep the tone “grim.” Sadly, the story became tedious and too dull to watch.

Sakshi Tanwar is a brilliant actor, and in May, she does a good job. However, an actor like her deserves a story that helps her show her true potential. Actors Ankur Ratan, Wamiqa Gabbi, Vivek Mushran and Anant Vidhaat, play their parts well. Raima Sen and Seema Pahwa’s characters are the weakest in the show.

May Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, if the storyline had been more intriguing, May would have made a better movie or a mini-series. The thriller lacks thrills. There are a few twists throughout the show, but none will startle you.

The show is now streaming on Netflix.

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