Jerry O’Connell apologizes to Wil Wheaton for ‘Stand by Me’ experience

During an appearance on

Jerry O’Connell had a touching heart-to-heart with his childhood co-star Wil Wheaton on “The Talk” Thursday.

O’Connell and Wheaton starred in the 1986 coming-of-age drama “Stand by Me,” directed by Rob Reiner and co-starring Corey Feldman and River Phoenix. During Wheaton’s appearance on the CBS talk show, O’Connell apologized to “The Big Bang Theory” star for not standing by him emotionally at the time.

“I heard before you talk about some of the struggles you were going through during ‘Stand by Me,’ and you know, while I was 11 at the time, that’s an excuse,” O’Connell told Wheaton. “I do want to apologize for not being there more for you when you were younger.”

He added: “To the bigger picture, you never know what someone is going through when you’re with them. I don’t feel guilt, but I just wanted to say I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you more.”

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In a May 2021 interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Wheaton revealed he channeled the “incredible emotional abuse” and “manipulation” from his parents, who he said forced him into acting as a child, into his performance as Gordie Lachance in the film.

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