Al Pacino’s Shrek iPhone Case Causes Waves on Social Media

Legendary actor Al Pacino is causing a stir on social media — not because of any recent controversy, or because of a big new project, but because of his Shrek-themed iPhone case.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star Jason Momoa shared a photo of himself and several others — Pacino included — at a restaurant, and fans quickly began directing the image to make out what was on Pacino’s iPhone, which was lying face-down on the table. It was soon discovered that it was an iPhone case featuring various images of the loveable ogre Shrek.

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Pacino is a Hollywood icon known for his roles in the likes of The Godfather, Serpico, scarface, Carlito’s Way and much, much more. Shrek is no slouch either, as the venerable Universal Pictures/DreamWorks Animation classic and its sequels maintain an avid fan base. The first Shrek installment celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021, not only returning to theaters but getting a 4K UHD home release.

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Notably, Pacino’s apparent love of Shrek isn’t the first time the actor has worn his fandom on his sleeve. In 2020, he detailed his love of Archie Comics, calling himself a fanatic. “That’s a question no one has ever asked me, but I remember Archie Comics,” he said when asked about his favorite comics or superheroes. “I liked them. It was so interesting, coming from the South Bronx. I thought, ‘Wow, people actually live on streets that had houses and trees.’ So, I enjoyed Archie Comics a lot. I was a real fanatic.”

“I liked it so much that I would get some of my friends together and I’d say, ‘Let’s do a section of the comic book together,'” he continued. “We’d act out different points. We were always [doing] play-acting games. To get my friends to do it was really tough. They would say, ‘What? No!’ I would say, ‘Just try it. Just try it.’ Wow, that’s so weird.”

Pacino also notably almost landed a role in Star Wars, having been an early pick for Han Solo before Harrison Ford. However, he turned down the part after not understanding the script, and Ford went on to bring Han to life in the galaxy far, far away.

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