See The Dark Winds Series Trailer From George RR Martin

By Vic Medina | 8 seconds ago

dark winds

AMC has just dropped the trailer for what may be their next must-watch show. The series, Dark Windsis based on a book series by Tony Hillerman and features a legendary team-up of Academy Award winner Robert Redford (All The President’s Men) and George RR Martin (Game Of Thrones), who will executive produce. The trailer made its debut during the season six premiere of Better Call Saul on Monday evening.

Collider provides more background on the crime-noir series, which debuts on AMC and AMC+ streaming on June 12 with two episodes. New episodes will premiere early on the AMC+ premium streaming service. Dark Winds is set in 1971 in Monument Valley, in Navajo County, Arizona. At a remote tribal outpost, Navajo Tribal Police Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) and his new deputy Jim Chee (Kiowa Gordon) are confronted with a series of crimes, that although seemingly unrelated, reveal a deeper conspiracy. When a possible serial killer murders two people at a local motel, the investigation becomes even more dangerous, as the officers must search the 27,000 acre reservation for clues and the suspect. As they get closer to the truth, disturbing sins of the past surface, and both must then put aside their personal issues (including Chee’s troubled youth on the reservation) in order to discover justice.

Dark Winds also stars Jessica Matten (Burden of Truth), Noah Emmerich (The Walking Dead, The Truman Show, The Americans), Deanna Allison (Edge of America), and Rainn Wilson (The Office). Episodes will be directed by Chris Eyre, who previously helmed 1998’s Smoke Signals, a film that also depicts Native American life on a reservation. The series is created by Graham Roland, executive producer and writer for Amazon Prime Video’s outstanding Tom Clancy series Jack Ryan. The series is based on the Leaphorn & Chee book series by Tony Hillerman, the first of which was released in 1970, and the 25th book in the series was released just this month. It is not clear which book(s) will be covered in the series’ first season. Emmy nominee Vince Calandra will serve as showrunner and executive producer, and his past work includes Sharp Objects for HBO, Hulu’s Castle Rockand UnREAL.

Zahn McClarnon is likely a familiar face, even if you do not know his name. If you’ve seen his performances in some recent TV series, however, he likely made an impact. He has a long career, dating back to early 1990s with a number of small television roles. He had a great turn in the role of Officer Mathias, a tribal police officer in the fantastic series Longmire, another crime drama set in the modern west. He also played Hanzee Dent in FX’s Fargo and Akecheta in HBO’s futuristic Westworld. He also appeared in AMC’s The Son and FX’s Booking Dogs. He was most recently seen in the Disney+ Marvel series Hawkeye. Dark Winds should give TV viewers a chance to see just how great of an actor he is. Kiowa Gordon is most recognizable as Embry Call from the Twilight film series. He also starred as Flint Manes in the CW’s Roswell, New Mexicoas Junior on the series The Red Roadand he also appeared in Booking Dogs with McClarnon.

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